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A small fee will be charged for the initial consultation.


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Please note that a small fee will be charged for the initial consultation.

3 Tips for Your Divorce Mediation

Divorce is difficult for everyone involved and is a confusing time for many people. Mediation has helped many couples come to an agreement in their divorce without having to go to court and have a judge decide. If you’ve opted for mediation, these three tips can help you make the most of it.

Divorce Mediation Is Not Counseling

Many people go into divorce mediation believing their history is relevant to the mediation. Mediation isn’t about determining who is right or wrong or who hurt who more. Mediation is about deciding what’s fair regarding custody and finances for the divorce. As difficult as divorce can be, it’s important to remove emotions and stay calm during your mediation. It’s time to look forward on how to amicably end the relationship instead of fighting over what may have happened in the past.

Lawyers Are Optional

If your spouse has his or her lawyer present, then you absolutely should, too. Lawyers are not required at divorce mediations, and their presence is at the discretion of the mediator and the couple. Some couples opt not to have their lawyers present to save on attorney costs. Other couples find it valuable to have their lawyers present, so their counsels are up to date and informed on every aspect of the case. Your lawyer can offer advice about your unique situation on whether your lawyer’s presence is necessary.

Try Making It Work

For most people, mediation is the best way to get a fair settlement in your divorce. With mediation, you can negotiate the terms of the divorce. If you go to court, the judge makes a decision, and it’s typically not negotiable. Even if you’re mad or don’t think your spouse is fair, it’s best to do what you can to try to make mediation useful.

Whether you opt for mediation or not, a lawyer is your greatest asset during a divorce. You can trust Figueroa Law Group, P.A. to handle your family law case with the professionalism and care you deserve.

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