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Please note that a small fee will be charged for the initial consultation.

Can Divorce Be Contagious?

A new study from Brown University found that divorce can be contagious. Divorcing friends or family members may give other married couples the bug, or “social contagion” as researchers called it.

The study, which was conducted in Framingham, Massachusetts, found that 75% of participants were more likely to divorce if a friend was divorced. Psychologist Talia Fillppelli said that the emotions associated with divorce can be contagious, and once a married person starts making connections from a friend’s divorce to their own marriage, many of these connections are exaggerated or even imagined.

An earlier Brown University study found that four of the top 10 American cities for divorce were in Florida: Deltona, Palm Bay, Panama City Beach, and Jacksonville. This high concentration of divorce in our state gives merit to Brown’s “social contagion” theory.

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