Basics of Alimony in Florida

Florida law provides specific rules and guidance for how the court may grant alimony to either party. The court looks to the party’s need for the alimony and the other party’s ability to pay alimony. Once the court makes the determination that one party has the need and the other has the ability to pay, […]

3 Facts About Alimony

No one ever wants to get separated or divorced, but sometimes, things just don’t work out. Fortunately, alimony is a court-ordered way for one party to get the support they need for children or living expenses. If you’re going through a divorce, and you’re forced to pay alimony, here are a few facts to help […]

Florida’s Alimony Laws May Be Changing

After years of back and forth, there may be a huge change when it comes to Florida’s alimony laws. This major overhaul would essentially do away with permanent alimony and use strict formulas to determine payment amounts based on lengths of marriages and the combined earnings of couples. This new proposal would establish a formula […]

How Much Alimony Can You Really Get?

Alimony, better known as spousal support, is one of the many intricate issues you may deal with when facing a divorce. Whether paying or receiving, it must be a fair and reasonable amount that both parties can come to an agreement on. Since there is no specific formula to calculate the amount of alimony you […]