Floridians Allowed to Save Pets and People by Breaking into Cars

Locked vehicles can now be broken into by anyone if they see vulnerable individuals or pets that need rescuing. The bill was passed by Gov. Rick Scott as a direct result of an increase in incidents involving pets and vulnerable individuals in cars. In the Florida sun, it can get very hot inside locked cars, […]

Water Supply is Endangered by Recent Changes to Florida Law

A bill was passed that lawmakers deemed was a major step in addressing the problems associated with the water supply in all of Florida. However, instead of signing the bill Governor Rick Scott should have vetoed it because it is a major mistake. Initially, the bill had a plan: to clean up the lakes, rivers, […]

Should Legislature Require Unanimous Juries for Death Penalty Cases?

Recently, The U.S. Supreme Court declared that Florida’s death penalty law to be unconstitutional because it requires the judge – not the jury – to make the critical findings necessary and to impose capital punishment. Florida’s current system is at odds with the Sixth Amendment, which requires a jury, not a judge, to find each […]

Florida’s “Pill Mill” Law Results in Fewer Overdose Deaths

Years ago, back in the early 2000s, Florida took action and tried to curb operations of what the state described as “pill mills”, which were essentially businesses that made it easy for people to get opioid-based prescription drugs. A new study has shown that these efforts have resulted in fewer deaths due to overdosing on […]

Florida Law Enforcement Opposes Open Carry

Florida is seeking to pass the “open carry” gun bill, in which people in the state of Florida would be able to carry their guns out in the open. On October 6, 2015, the open-carry bill passed the Florida House subcommittee making it one step closer to being legal.  The bill was introduced by Rep. […]

Florida Supreme Court Case Waiver Rule in Prenuptials

A divorced Boca Raton couple made legal history Thursday following a Florida Supreme Court ruling in favor of a voluntarily-executed prenuptial agreement stand. The Court stated if the document shows that one spouse’s intent to waive all interest in the other spouse’s assets when the marriage ends, the disadvantaged spouse will be unable to break […]

Docs vs. Glocks

The debate over Florida’s “Docs vs. Glocks” law started in a pediatrician’s exam room in Ocala during the summer of 2010. Amber Ullman, A mother of three was taking her child to the doctor for a routine checkup and was asked to answer some questions from the doctor regarding possible health risks for her child. […]

Sexual Cyber-Harassment Bill Passed In Florida

An estimated 40% of internet users have been harassed online at one point or another. Online bullying, better known as cyberbullying, has become very prominent in today’s day and age forcing the Senate to take action and create bills to be passed to protect against this. On May 15th, Florida Senate passed a bill filed […]

Florida Senate Delays Discriminatory Adoption Bill

A Senate panel recently delayed their voting on a “conscience clause” for state-funded adoption agencies. This bill would allow these agencies to discriminate against prospective parents based on the agency’s religious or political beliefs, including sexual orientation, gender identity, family status, and even their political affiliation. Opposing sides have argued that this “conscience clause” will […]

Florida’s Alimony Laws May Be Changing

After years of back and forth, there may be a huge change when it comes to Florida’s alimony laws. This major overhaul would essentially do away with permanent alimony and use strict formulas to determine payment amounts based on lengths of marriages and the combined earnings of couples. This new proposal would establish a formula […]