We have previously provided you with the 18th Judicial Circuit’s Administrative Order regarding COVID-19 and the procedures the Brevard County Court is currently adhering to. Additionally, we have promised to update you regarding our office procedures and policies as they change. At this time, our office is handling emergency situations and emergency hearings as a priority. […]

Figueroa Law Group, PA’s Latest Improvements!

November is shaping up to be quite the busy season at Figueroa Law Group, P.A. We are getting a new look and a new view. You may have noticed our updated logo on our site. Along with a new logo, we will be relocating our practice to a more comfortable and spacious location. We will […]

Florida Law Enforcement Opposes Open Carry

Florida is seeking to pass the “open carry” gun bill, in which people in the state of Florida would be able to carry their guns out in the open. On October 6, 2015, the open-carry bill passed the Florida House subcommittee making it one step closer to being legal.  The bill was introduced by Rep. […]

Florida Supreme Court Case Waiver Rule in Prenuptials

A divorced Boca Raton couple made legal history Thursday following a Florida Supreme Court ruling in favor of a voluntarily-executed prenuptial agreement stand. The Court stated if the document shows that one spouse’s intent to waive all interest in the other spouse’s assets when the marriage ends, the disadvantaged spouse will be unable to break […]

Florida Senate Delays Discriminatory Adoption Bill

A Senate panel recently delayed their voting on a “conscience clause” for state-funded adoption agencies. This bill would allow these agencies to discriminate against prospective parents based on the agency’s religious or political beliefs, including sexual orientation, gender identity, family status, and even their political affiliation. Opposing sides have argued that this “conscience clause” will […]