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Please note that a small fee will be charged for the initial consultation.

Divorce Tips For Parents

Getting through a divorce is difficult, especially if you have kids. Every family is different, and adapting to this change will take time. Use these tips to make ending your marriage less painful for everyone involved.

Listen to Kids and Answer Their Questions

Parents should sit down with kids and ask them to share what they’re feeling. Answer questions honestly, and make sure children understand that the divorce is not their fault. Tell them they’ll still get to see both parents and let them know they can ask more questions or share their feelings anytime.

Keep Conflict Away From Children

Do your best to avoid arguing with your former spouse in front of your kids or saying bad things about your ex in front of them. Don’t ask your kids to take sides, and answer questions as neutrally as possible.

Watch for Signs of Problems

Divorce can lead to depression or acting out in children. If a child seems angry or withdrawn or if he or she is having discipline problems or bad grades at school, you should consider a child or family therapist. Sometimes talking to a third party is easier for kids than speaking with parents.

Don’t Use Kids as Messengers 

Using kids to relay messages to your ex may make them feel uncomfortable, and it’s not very reliable. There are lots of other ways to make sure your ex gets a message, from sending an email to communicating through your lawyer. Also, avoid asking your child about your former spouse.

Figueroa Law Group can help you with your divorce and your custody agreement. The experienced lawyers at Figueroa Law Group will make the process as smooth and painless as possible for you and your kids. They can also help you with criminal cases, adoptions, and more. For a consultation, just call (321) 248-1011.

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