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Please note that a small fee will be charged for the initial consultation.

Florida’s Alimony Laws May Be Changing

After years of back and forth, there may be a huge change when it comes to Florida’s alimony laws. This major overhaul would essentially do away with permanent alimony and use strict formulas to determine payment amounts based on lengths of marriages and the combined earnings of couples.
This new proposal would establish a formula to determine how long ex-spouses could receive alimony and would eliminate the current “bridge-the-gap”, rehabilitative, durational and permanent types of alimony. The new proposal would also change what we now know as short, mid and long-term marriages. According to this article, under the new plan the category of mid-term marriages would be eliminated and long-term marriages, now defined as 17 or more years, would begin to apply to unions of 20 years or more. The new proposal would allow someone paying alimony to ask for a reduction if an ex-spouse’s income increases by over 10%. The proposal would also require alimony payments to stop when a paying ex-spouse reaches the federal retirement age, or when an alimony recipient has a “supportive relationship”.

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