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Please note that a small fee will be charged for the initial consultation.

How to Successfully Bond With Your Stepkids

It can be hard as a stepparent to enter the life of a child and expect to fill the gap that’s left by their biological parent. There are some right and wrong ways to go about this. Here are is some advice you’ll find beneficial when attempting to bond with your stepkids:

  • Biological parents: You shouldn’t in any way deny them alone time with their biological parents – in fact, you should encourage it. This shows the child you are not trying to replace their biological parents and for that, they may begin to trust you.
  • Find common activities: Common interests are a great way to improve a relationship. Taking part in these activities gives you the opportunity to bond and get to know each other better in a setting that you both enjoy.
  • Be friends at first: You shouldn’t start out getting to know your stepkids by jumping into a parent role. At first, your aim should be to be their friend. A natural bond will form as the relationship progresses. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t aim to one day take the place of their biological parent.
  • Try to adapt: Take the mindset that you are entering their world and you need to adapt to them. Pay attention to their mood and respond accordingly.

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