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Please note that a small fee will be charged for the initial consultation.

Preparing For A Successful Mediation

Mediation is a place where both parties come to seek a resolution. In most cases, the two parties only want to resolve the matter quickly and fairly without getting the law involved. People value their time, money, and privacy which means most people will cooperate towards a quick mediation process.

A good strategy for a successful mediation is to give both parties “homework.” The idea behind this simple practice is to disengage both parties from thinking about the people involved and put the priority on the problems. The assignment is usually to make a list regarding two things; to list the actual problem and to list the solutions. When they are faced with thinking about solutions without worrying as to how they will be received, they tend to not hold back on how they truly feel.

The parties often surprise each other with their solutions because they tend to match very closely. In such cases, the mediation process can be completed quickly and without much debate.

Unfortunately, the mediation process doesn’t always provide an agreeable solution. Sometimes a difficult, yet direct, conversation has taken place which in the long run will only help the parties to come to a decision on the matter at hand.

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