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Please note that a small fee will be charged for the initial consultation.

The Advantages of a Post-Nuptial Agreement

Have you avoided the topic of a prenuptial agreement, but still want to protect your assets? All is not lost and you can still do that by taking advantage of a post-nuptial agreement. As a marriage progresses circumstances can change, so a post-nuptial agreement is not a bad thing. However, it must be beneficial for both parties involved.

The purpose of a post-nuptial agreement is to agree on how debt is shared, access to retirement accounts, and the division of assets. This process can create a sense of balance in the marriage, which leads to both partners feeling equal from a financial standpoint.

It doesn’t have to be a trust issue either. Taking the step of a post-nuptial agreement simply shows that you can both be mature about that situation.  Such an agreement can leave a lot of the arguing out of a marriage as all the decisions are made for you when the agreement is signed.

A post-nuptial agreement is not just about protecting you, but also your spouse. For example, if you acquire student debt you can protect your partner from inheriting that debt. Speaking to your lawyer about the ins and outs of a post-nuptial agreement allows you to better understand how it can be used effectively in your marriage.

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