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Please note that a small fee will be charged for the initial consultation.

The Definition Of A No Fault Divorce

The idea of no-fault divorce was started in 1970 in the State of California. In some cases, the requirement of legal grounds to end a marriage made no sense when the marriage was an unhappy one, hence the introduction of the no-fault divorce. Previously the person who wanted to initiate the divorce had to prove a valid reason such as adultery. This can be a costly process and often not necessary when both parties want to get a divorce. In such instances one person would file for mental cruelty as a formality, however, this takes time and money.

A lot of the time clients wish to know if there is some sort of compensation when a partner acts badly during the course of a marriage. However, there is little protection for the victim of such a marriage, unless the spouse took part in activities that were financially misleading. The party that was misguided can retrieve money that was taken from them under false pretenses. Also, the child the parent ends up with usually favors the individual who did not commit any acts of domestic abuse. Overall, a no-fault divorce gives power to the couple that’s married to split up on their terms.

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