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Please note that a small fee will be charged for the initial consultation.

Water Supply is Endangered by Recent Changes to Florida Law

A bill was passed that lawmakers deemed was a major step in addressing the problems associated with the water supply in all of Florida. However, instead of signing the bill Governor Rick Scott should have vetoed it because it is a major mistake. Initially, the bill had a plan: to clean up the lakes, rivers, springs and protect the aquifers. Unfortunately, the bill turned out to favor certain interests and not that of the general public. A former Florida governor and senator wrote to Gov Rick Scott explaining that the bill is flawed: “This bill leaves the people and businesses of Florida unprepared to meet the water challenges of the 21st century.” The letter was signed by over 100 advocacy groups, but ultimately it had no effect. One of the main problems with the bill is that it allows the agricultural industry to monitor itself. That’s because the environmental enforcement standards will be loose, and it permits the biggest water users in the state up to 10 years to fix their high levels of water consumption.

To make matters worse a financial slap is handed out to taxpayers. The agricultural industry will be subsidized in a cost-sharing program. Essentially the people of Florida will pay the agricultural industry for the mistakes that have been made. The legislation started out with the right mindset, but the bill was hijacked by Associated Industries of Florida, the Florida Chamber, and the Florida Farm Bureau. The result is that the water supply in Florida is in question and only those special interest groups have profited from this bill.

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