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Seasoned Florida Child Abuse and Neglect Attorney

Child abuse and neglect can lead to harsh criminal consequences. Figueroa Law Group, P.A. has a seasoned Florida child abuse and neglect attorney ready for you, so contact us today. We specialize in family law and handle cases involving child custody, domestic violence, and more. We aim to help you navigate the legal system in your best interests by providing the aggressive representation you deserve. If you or someone in your family is going through a difficult time in Florida, don’t hesitate to call us today.  

Why Do I Need a Child Abuse Attorney in Melbourne, FL?

A good lawyer will help ensure the child’s interests come first—so that any punishment handed down is appropriate and fair to the child, with their best interests at heart—while limiting the long-term damage to your family. This is especially important because a child abuse conviction will stay on your record for life. Since there are so many lawyers to choose from, it can be hard to know who is the best for your case. Here are some of the facts that you should look for when selecting a child abuse attorney:
  • A lawyer with experience
  • A lawyer who cares
  • A lawyer who will fight for you
  • A lawyer who knows family law
It is crucial to find an attorney that will do their best to help you. Figueroa Law Group, P.A. has one of the most reputable child abuse neglect attorneys in Melbourne, FL. We have handled every child abuse case and know how to handle other cases involving physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect. We help clients recover damages in both criminal and civil cases by filing lawsuits against their abuser or the people who failed to protect them when they needed it the most. The child neglect attorney in Melbourne, FL, at the law office of Figueroa Law Group is committed to protecting the rights of children and young adults in Florida. Our firm handles cases involving all types of child abuse, so contact us today if you need a child abuse lawyer in Melbourne, FL, that you can trust!  

What is Child Abuse and Neglect?

Section 827.03 of the Florida Statute defines the crime of child neglect. “Neglect of a Child” is defined under the legislation as “[a] caregiver’s failure or omission to provide a child with the care, supervision, and services necessary to preserve the child’s physical and mental health,” including but not limited to:
  • Clothing; 
  • Food and nutrition;
  • Shelter;
  • Supervision; and
  • Medication and medical care a reasonable person would deem necessary for the child’s health.
A caregiver’s failure to “make a reasonable attempt to protect a child from abuse, neglect, or exploitation by another person” may also result in child neglect.  

What Evidence is Necessary?

The following three components must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt for the prosecution to prosecute the offense of child neglect in Florida successfully. The defendant was the alleged victim’s “caregiver,” and the alleged victim was under the age of 18 when the defendant: 
  • (a) willfully or negligently failed or omitted to provide the alleged victim with the care, supervision, and services necessary to maintain the victim’s physical or mental health; or
  • (b) failed to make a reasonable effort to protect the alleged victim from abuse, neglect, or exploitation by another person. 

What Distinguishes Child Abuse from Child Neglect?

In Florida, child abuse is a highly broad-based and pervasive crime. It includes acts that could reasonably cause great bodily harm or mental harm, as well as those that would encourage another person to perform child abuse. It also covers physical or mental injury to a kid, which is what we all picture when we think of child abuse.  To illustrate, a parent who just supported their son during a local brawl could be accused of child abuse. Driving recklessly when the youngster is not buckled up could result in a child abuse charge against the parent. The State might allege that practically any behavior qualifies as child abuse under the law. Child neglect is failing to give a child in your care the necessary supervision, care, food, housing, etc. You must be the child’s caregiver to be accused of child neglect. You can be accused of child abuse even if you are not a caregiver. Therefore, if you strike a person who is 17 years old while you are 18 years old, you can be convicted of child abuse.

Florida’s Potential Fines for Child Abuse or Neglect

If found guilty of child abuse or neglect, a person may be subject to punishments depending on several circumstances, including how severe the offense was.  For instance, if you are convicted of third-degree child abuse, you could be sentenced to a $5,000 fine, five years in jail, or both. A $15,000 fine and up to 30 years in prison are possible penalties for the more serious charge of first-degree child abuse, which is also known as aggravated child abuse. If found guilty of child negligence, the defendant could be sentenced to five years in jail, a $5,000 fine, or probation.  

Child Abuse and Child Neglect Defenses 

There are many ways to dispute these accusations, and the evidence will be examined by your attorney thoroughly. There are frequently factual disagreements and uncertainties concerning the accused offenses. In some cases, the accusations are wholly or partially untrue and the product of interpersonal or marital strife. Child abuse cases frequently result from “she said-he said” arguments, much like domestic assault and battery cases do. One parent or caregiver may hurt the victim while blaming the other parent or caregiver. There are instances where the victim inflicted harm on themselves or as a consequence of corroboration with another youngster or adult to harm the accused. Such activities could be motivated by financial or emotional factors.  In other cases, the victim’s wounds might have been entirely unintentional. Anyhow, a strong defense is necessary to refute these kinds of accusations. Consult with Figueroa Law Group about your case.  

Call Our Florida Child Abuse And Neglect Attorney Now!

You’ve been charged with a child abuse crime. The first thing you do is panic. Then, you try to find legal help. A Florida child abuse and neglect attorney from Figueroa Law Group, P.A. can defend you against a child abuse charge. We have knowledge and experience in pursuing complex child abuse cases.  If you’re worried your child may be suffering from abuse or neglect, there’s no time to waste. Contact our child abuse lawyers today by calling or filling out the contact form on our website.

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A small fee will be charged for the initial consultation.

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Please note that a small fee will be charged for the initial consultation.

Please note that a small fee will be charged for the initial consultation.

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