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A small fee will be charged for the initial consultation.


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A small fee will be charged for the initial consultation.


Please note that a small fee will be charged for the initial consultation.

Child Custody Modification Lawyer

Most Trusted Florida Child Custody Modification Lawyer

Are you concerned about losing custody of your children? Are you worried about what might happen if you were to lose work or are left disabled? You have the right to fight for a better custody arrangement.

A family lawyer can help you. A child Custody Modification Lawyer can assist parents in resolving child custody modification issues and ease the emotional pain of children who are part of these disputes. Hire our Florida child custody modification lawyers to help win custody of your child. Call today and speak with our experienced lawyers from Figueroa Law Group. We will fight for you and your child. No one can stop us.

Why do I need a child custody modification lawyer in Florida?

Child Custody Modification Lawyer

Why should you hire a child custody modification lawyer in Florida? Simply put, your family needs a child custody modification lawyer in Florida to help you do what’s best for your children. The world can be complex and challenging, but one of the best ways to make sense of it is by taking care of your own family. This includes putting in the time and effort to fight for what’s fair and just in the court system.

 Figueroa Law Group is happy to assist you with your child custody modification case. We’re prepared to fight for your rights as a parent, just as we’ve helped other clients over the past 36 years.

A history of success

When looking for a family lawyer to represent you in court, it’s essential to look at a lawyer’s history of success. 

  • What cases has he or she won? 
  • On what grounds did he win them?
  •  Is the lawyer handled any similar cases? 
  • What is the track record of a particular attorney? 

You’re going to be putting your child’s best interest in this person’s hands, so it’s essential to find someone who can clearly and confidently present their case to win your child custody modification.

Figueroa Law Group is one of the most respected firms for family law in Melbourne, California. We won over 80% of their custody modification cases due to our experience, award-winning reputation, and dedication to providing clients with personal service. We are experienced in all aspects of family law and know how to handle all situations. 

A lawyer that listens to you

It’s easy to find child custody modification lawyers, but it’s much harder to find a lawyer that listens to you and can help you win the case. Believe it or not, some attorneys don’t care about their clients and take advantage of them. You want a lawyer that will listen to your case and do his or her best for you.

Figueroa Law Group is a team of passionate legal professionals who strive to provide their clients with personalized attention and innovative solutions tailored to each case.  We aim to deliver excellent service with honesty and openness within a friendly environment.

A lawyer who has the resources to fight for your case

When you need to win custody of your child, you have to be able to rely on someone who has the resources and connections to fight for your rights. Figueroa Law Group has been successful with family law cases in the past and is the best choice for parents who need the best possible representation.

We aren’t going to sugarcoat it—if you want custody of your child, it will be an uphill battle. The family court system doesn’t always make sense and doesn’t always rule in the children’s best interests. But when you’ve done everything right and done everything in your power to set yourself up for success, you deserve a lawyer who will fight tooth and nail for your case.

What are Child Custody Modifications?

To get a child custody modification under Florida law (Florida Statutes 61.13(3)), a petitioner must demonstrate a substantial, material, and unanticipated change in circumstances. Additionally, any proposed modification must be in the child’s best interests.

Because one parent is displeased with the current arrangement, family courts will not permit a modification. A family court will typically favor the status quo in cases involving a modification dispute. In other words, it is the responsibility of the petitioning parent to provide convincing evidence that a custody adjustment is warranted. 

Can I Modify My Child Custody Plan in Melbourne, Florida?

You must have gone through extraordinary, unexpected events that changed the Florida court system’s former child custody arrangement to intervene and modify the current parenting plan.

Several instances of a change in situations including:

  • When parents are unable to agree on recommended adjustments to a parenting plan
  • A parent rejects the suggested plan of action
  • The child is a victim of a potentially dangerous circumstance.
  • When one parent relocates, the time-sharing arrangement is disrupted.

When Can Florida Courts Modify Custody?

The judge made the first child custody determination with your child’s best interests as the primary element to be addressed. The following are some of the factors that the judge looked into when determining custody:

  • Age of the child;
  • The child’s bond with you and the other party;
  • You and the other party’s living arrangements;
  • The ability of you and the other party to offer stability and continuity for the child; and
  • The willingness of both you and the other party to support the other party’s connection with the child.

Changes in child custody arrangements are not permitted under Florida law because one parent is dissatisfied with the arrangement. Generally, there are only three reasons a judge could consider changing a custody agreement. These are the following:


Both Parties Agree to a Modification: If a modification is uncontested, both parents can approach their respective attorneys, have them create a new parenting agreement, and ask a judge for approval. This is the quickest approach to getting a court order changed. 

A Parent Has Been Issued a Final Order of Protection Against Domestic Violence: If the other parent grew upset with you, your child, or both at some point and you were forced to call the police and/or submit a petition for a protection order, you may be granted emergency relief, which means you may be granted sole possession until the injunction is lifted.

There has been a significant change in circumstances: A “significant change in conditions” might occur instantly or gradually. An injury, illness, a significant move, or the development of addiction are all events that can hurt one’s capacity to parent.

A work advancement, an isolated episode of domestic abuse, or even an isolated event of drug usage is not often regarded as significant changes in circumstance. For the courts to seriously consider modifying a custody arrangement, the requesting parent must demonstrate that the change is in the child’s best interests.

Is it always just one parent who gets custody?

No, courts commonly grant both parents joint custody or shared custody. There are three variations of joint custody: 

  • shared legal and physical custody (children spend a substantial amount of time with each parent)
  • Joint legal custody (parents share medical, educational, and other decisions).
  • Educational and religious issues concerning the children), or both joint legal and shared physical custody.


A Custody Arrangement's Modification Procedure

When deciding custody cases, judges in almost every state place the child’s stability as one of their top priorities. This strong desire to preserve the status quo can make it difficult, but not impossible, for parents to amend existing custody arrangements; judges recognize that changing family circumstances may necessitate modifying the current orders.

Most states require the petitioning parent to show that there has been a significant change in circumstances to adjust custody or visitation. The parent must demonstrate that the current order no longer serves the child’s interests. The judge will evaluate the new facts in light of the exact best interest criteria if the court reevaluates the case.

Call our Florida Child Custody Modification Lawyer Now!

If you and your spouse have difficulty agreeing on a custody modification, it’s essential to understand that the sooner you begin working with a family law attorney, the sooner you two can be in the same place. In other words, delaying can cause significant problems down the road. We encourage you and those pursuing child custody modification to do so sooner than later. Of course, it’s never too late to seek help. Call our Florida Child Custody Modification Lawyer immediately.

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