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Please note that a small fee will be charged for the initial consultation.

Social Media Prompts Evolution of Prenups

With divorce rates being as high as 50%, couples are beginning to ensure that their prenuptial is enforced and cover all aspects of the divorce to protect their assets and their privacy. The aspect of privacy has become an equally important aspect of a divorce over the years, especially with the technological advancements that allow an individual to broadcast information to people worldwide with the click of a button.

This has lead to prenups now including a new section with a “social media clause”, which is in place to protect a spouse from an ex that could possibly be facing revenge after a breakup. Having this clause in place can prevent possible public humiliation on a global scale; this can range from an outright posting of information about the relationship to posting pictures with malicious intent. Lawyers recommend keeping the terms as general as possible to avoid any grey areas.

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