Who Has Claim to the Family Pet in a Divorce?

Who Has Claim to the Family Pet in a Divorce

In Florida, family pets are considered marital property. This means they are subject to the equitable distribution of property in a divorce. The equitable distribution of property is the legal process of identifying value and distributing all marital assets and marital liabilities acquired during a marriage. Of course, people value their pets differently than assets and other property. […]

What Is the First Thing to Do When Planning a Divorce?

If you are considering divorce, the first thing you need to do is contact a family law attorney. The attorney you hire needs to be different from the lawyer your spouse or family normally uses. That way, your lawyer can give you individual, unbiased legal counsel and act in your best interest – every step of the […]

Same-Sex Divorce May Be More Difficult to Get Than Marriage

While divorce is never easy, many same-sex couples are facing unique challenges when their marriages end. Because of the fluctuating laws in many states, some are permitting same-sex marriages while others are not, which then creates problems when same-sex marriages face divorce. Courts in some states have even taken approaches such as prohibiting same-sex divorces […]

Differences Between Mothers’ & Fathers’ Rights in a Divorce

Roughly 40 to 50 percent of American marriages end in divorce, according to the American Psychological Association. Divorces can be emotionally difficult for adults and traumatic for children. Nobody wins in a divorce, but knowing your rights as a parent can make life easier. Do Mothers Have More Rights in Divorce Than Fathers? It’s a common misconception […]

Divorce Tips For Parents

Getting through a divorce is difficult, especially if you have kids. Every family is different, and adapting to this change will take time. Use these tips to make ending your marriage less painful for everyone involved. Listen to Kids and Answer Their Questions Parents should sit down with kids and ask them to share what […]

Effects of Social Media on Marriage and Divorce

As social media becomes an increasingly essential platform for keeping in touch with friends, family, and neighbors, you may have noticed that it’s crept into virtually every corner of your life. But have you ever wondered how social media could impact your relationship with your spouse? Learn about some of the most surprising effects of […]

Why is Florida’s Divorce Rate so High?

Divorce Rate in Florida The divorce rate in Florida is roughly 13%, which means that Florida holds the seventh-highest divorce rate in the country. Part of the reason for this is because people move to Florida to start news lives and because divorce rates are increasing amongst retirees. A Fresh Start For years, data has […]

Dealing With Complex Property Division

Property division is a necessary part of any divorce, but this process isn’t always simple or straightforward. In some cases, the couple will find that there are highly disputed items among their assets. Other areas require an in-depth inquiry with careful consideration of several factors to reach a fair and equitable understanding. If you’re facing […]

3 Tips for Your Divorce Mediation

Divorce is difficult for everyone involved and is a confusing time for many people. Mediation has helped many couples come to an agreement in their divorce without having to go to court and have a judge decide. If you’ve opted for mediation, these three tips can help you make the most of it. Divorce Mediation […]

Crucial Advice For Succeeding In Divorce Court

Will you be making an appearance in divorce court in the near future and require some guidance on how to prepare? There are certain rules when it comes to preparing yourself, and how you must act whilst in court. Take note of the following advice to improve your chances of a successful outcome: Show respect: […]