Why It’s Important to Talk About Combining Finances Before Marriage

Talking about fun things, like where you want to live and what you’ll name your future kids, is great before marriage. But you should never avoid talking about how you’ll combine finances as a married couple. Far beyond joint or separate bank accounts, this financial discussion should cover everything money-related in your relationship. You Need […]

Do You Need a Prenup?

While you’re planning your wedding, you have a lot to think about. Booking the venue, finding the dress, and getting your wedding party on board are all important steps. However, if you haven’t thought about a prenup, now is the time to talk about it. Pros of a Prenup There are a lot of benefits […]

The Advantages of a Post-Nuptial Agreement

Have you avoided the topic of a prenuptial agreement, but still want to protect your assets? All is not lost and you can still do that by taking advantage of a post-nuptial agreement. As a marriage progresses circumstances can change, so a post-nuptial agreement is not a bad thing. However, it must be beneficial for both […]

How To Plan For A Successful Divorce Before The Wedding

It might seem like it’s in bad taste to plan for a divorce before the marriage, hear us out! Nowadays, it’s much easier to get married than to get a divorce, and the divorce industry is thriving because of that. By getting a prenuptial agreement you could potentially be avoiding a lot of headaches down the […]

Florida Supreme Court Case Waiver Rule in Prenuptials

A divorced Boca Raton couple made legal history Thursday following a Florida Supreme Court ruling in favor of a voluntarily-executed prenuptial agreement stand. The Court stated if the document shows that one spouse’s intent to waive all interest in the other spouse’s assets when the marriage ends, the disadvantaged spouse will be unable to break […]

Social Media Prompts Evolution of Prenups

With divorce rates being as high as 50%, couples are beginning to ensure that their prenuptial is enforced and cover all aspects of the divorce to protect their assets and their privacy. The aspect of privacy has become an equally important aspect of a divorce over the years, especially with the technological advancements that allow an individual […]

Why Do Couples Need A Prenup?

Florida has one of the highest divorce rates in a country where a large percentage of marriages fail. Even with all the unfortunate statistics out there, prenuptial agreements tend to have a negative connotation. Many view pre-nuptials as the first step for divorce because it takes into consideration an outcome that most people don’t want […]