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A small fee will be charged for the initial consultation.


Crucial Advice For Succeeding In Divorce Court

Will you be making an appearance in divorce court in the near future and require some guidance on how to prepare? There are certain rules when it comes to preparing yourself, and how you must act whilst in court. Take note of the following advice to improve your chances of a successful outcome: Show respect: […]

Figueroa Law Group, PA’s Latest Improvements!

November is shaping up to be quite the busy season at Figueroa Law Group, P.A. We are getting a new look and a new view. You may have noticed our updated logo on our site. Along with a new logo, we will be relocating our practice to a more comfortable and spacious location. We will […]

The Definition Of A No Fault Divorce

The idea of no-fault divorce was started in 1970 in the State of California. In some cases, the requirement of legal grounds to end a marriage made no sense when the marriage was an unhappy one, hence the introduction of the no-fault divorce. Previously the person who wanted to initiate the divorce had to prove […]

How to Successfully Bond With Your Stepkids

It can be hard as a stepparent to enter the life of a child and expect to fill the gap that’s left by their biological parent. There are some right and wrong ways to go about this. Here are is some advice you’ll find beneficial when attempting to bond with your stepkids: Biological parents: You shouldn’t […]

The Meaning of a “No-Fault” Divorce

In 1970, The State of California agreed to a “no-fault” divorce. The reasoning behind this was that it was difficult for couples to get a divorce when they were not happy together. Previously, the couples would have to give a reason for the divorce such as adultery, but this means the aggrieved party had to […]

Preparing For A Successful Mediation

Mediation is a place where both parties come to seek a resolution. In most cases, the two parties only want to resolve the matter quickly and fairly without getting the law involved. People value their time, money, and privacy which means most people will cooperate towards a quick mediation process. A good strategy for a […]

Summer Vacation Advice For Separated And Divorced Parents

As the school year finishes and the summer begins, kids eagerly await their vacation with excitement. The story for divorced/separated parents can be a little bit more stressful as figuring the particulars of the vacation must be agreed upon. Here are a few tips on how to do this: Make a checklist: if you are […]

Suggestions on How To Bond with Your Stepchildren

Figuring out how to bond successfully with your new stepchildren might be the key to bringing the family closer together. Failing to get this right could be the source of disharmony within the family unit that becomes increasingly difficult to fix down the line. So, here are a few suggestions on how to bond with […]

Floridians Allowed to Save Pets and People by Breaking into Cars

Locked vehicles can now be broken into by anyone if they see vulnerable individuals or pets that need rescuing. The bill was passed by Gov. Rick Scott as a direct result of an increase in incidents involving pets and vulnerable individuals in cars. In the Florida sun, it can get very hot inside locked cars, […]

Water Supply is Endangered by Recent Changes to Florida Law

A bill was passed that lawmakers deemed was a major step in addressing the problems associated with the water supply in all of Florida. However, instead of signing the bill Governor Rick Scott should have vetoed it because it is a major mistake. Initially, the bill had a plan: to clean up the lakes, rivers, […]